Project report water treatment lake gaiaGaLF nano bubbles

A contaminated pond which was used for irrigation was treated for 40 days with nano bubbles. After treatment the algae contamination problems was solved. For the treatment the gaiaGaLF nano bubble generator was used, in combination with an connected oxygen concentrator.

A nano meter is one thousand millionth of a meter, a single human hair is about 80,000 nm wide.

size matters

gaiaGaLF submersible 120

  • FZ1N-120LU
  • |
  • flow: 113 liter/min

The gaiaGaLF submersible medium ultrafine bubble generator, dissolved oxygen generator, for aerating lakes, fishponds, horticulture irrigation water and shrimp cultivation. Aeration is for many biological processes very important the gaiaGaLF submersible unit guarantees high DO values for optimal biological activities creating an optimal environment for high production output.

Demonstration gaiaGaLF submersible unit

The gaiaGaLF submersible unit is a, complete unit with the low-pressure mixing valve technique that effectively and efficiently saturates liquids with gases over 5 times the levels of conventional technologies. The unit moves 113 liters of water per minute and dissolves 4 liters of oxygen per minute creating a high DO content and ultrafine bubbles in the water.

cannabis marijuana

Strong increase in cannabis production with bubble Oxygenation

Root systems require oxygen for aerobic respiration. Reduced levels of oxygen in the rootzone, slow down plant growth and increase susceptibility of diseases. Indoor grown plants in closed water systems have often a lack of oxygen and need additional oxygen supply. By delivering ultrafine bubble to the rootzone of the plant, you increase the levels of oxygen and the water get negatively electrically charged this promotes nutrient uptake and hair root growth. Read the whole article to see what experience cannabis growers have to say about the ultrafine bubble system.

The next big thing is really small: How ultrafine bubbles will change the future of your business

Jack Uldrich & Deb Newberry

miniGaLF microbubble

  • FZ1A-04M
  • |
  • flow: 7.5 liter/min

The miniGaLF is the entry level GaLF model designed for companies, universities, research institutes and individuals that want to learn about micro bubble technology.

Lab demonstration miniGaLF

The miniGaLF is ACNITI`s entry level GaLF model designed for companies, universities, research institutes and individuals that want to learn about Ultrafine bubble technology. In this blog a movie is shown of the connections and the performance to create ultrafine bubble (nano bubbles) with high DO water.

Nano-science is the study of phenomena and manipulation of materials at atomic, molecular and macro-molecular scales

OECD opportunities and risks of nano technology

gaiaGaLF ozone 250

  • FZ1N-250GO
  • |
  • flow: 150 - 380 liter/min

The gaiaGaLF ozone ultrafine bubble generator is a nano bubble ozone generator which is specifically designed for the use with ozone. The gaiaGaLF ultrafine ozone bubble generator is suitable for many clean tech applications.

Ultra-fine bubbles are smaller than the wave length of light

N. F. Bunkin

Cultivate attractive lettuce with no more tipburn

Manoa lettuce is a lettuce variety susceptible to tipburn. Tipburn is the drying and dying of leaf tissue along the edges of the leaf. During a test at a grower in Hawaii it was shown that by increasing the DO levels and adding ultrafine bubbles, reduction of tipburn is realized and quality and production improvements are made.